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System Integration

Maxquip systems fulfill various needs in the industries we serve. Our systems include:

  • Pump, storage, flow control, vaporizer and metering systems for propane, oil and natural gas, and cryogenic equipment service
  • Fertilizer application kits, rate control systems and various GPS-controlled applications in agriculture
  • Alternative fuel conversion kits and gas-injection systems for turbocharged diesel engines and much more

We offer dozens of specialized kits – but we do much more than just hand them over to you. We know that our individual customers’ needs vary. That’s why we’re equipped with the additional parts plus the experience and knowledge to tweak and customize every system to your individual requirements.

For example, if you’re trying to size an ammonia metering system for your applicator, our specialists will size the system specifically to your needs and integrate it either with your existing implement control system or a newly supplied controller that meets your requirements.

Tell us what you’re trying to do, and we’ll figure out how to customize an existing kit or design a new system from scratch. Either way, you’ll get a solution that works for you!

Maxquip Flourish

Solutions Consulting

You know what you want to do – for example, transferring propane at a certain rate from your storage site to your trucks – but you’re not exactly sure how to best accomplish it. What approach would be the most efficient? Exactly what parts do you need? Is each component matched to every other? You don’t want to over- or under-build the system. Are you forgetting anything? Are there any newly rolled-out parts or accessories that could make your system work even better?

You can count on Maxquip for the right answers and honest advice in all these areas. We’ll assess your needs, then give you a range of options wherever possible. We’ll figure out whether you’re better off using a pump or a compressor, what size and capacity is optimal, whether a skid-mounted unit might be best for ease of servicing/replacement and which fittings, connectors and hoses you’ll need to hook everything up.

On more complex systems we’ll work directly with your engineers to design the optimal system. If we don’t stock what you need, we’ll find it from among our great network of vendors and suppliers. If need be, we’ll have it custom-made or even develop it from scratch.

At Maxquip our attitude is never, “No, we can’t do it.” It’s always, “We’ll find a way to do it and we’ll find what we need to make it happen.” That’s no idle boast. Maxquip has developed sophisticated solutions in the areas of fittings, fertilizer application and alternative fuels solutions.

Either way, we’ll make the result for you as easy as hooking up the hoses and flipping the switch. That’s always our goal – we don’t use the word “solution” for nothing.

Maxquip Flourish

Custom Assembly

A big part of providing solutions is to have the knowledge needed to assemble parts into a safely and reliably functioning system – and to equip our customers with the knowledge they need to do the same thing. Custom assembly begins with choosing the right parts for the job – Maxquip’s experts are unmatched in this area.

Next, we’ll meet any of your needs for training or on-site help. Maxquip installers can go to your location to assemble and/or install your system. We can also hold training sessions to enable your people to competently and safely install the systems you use and/or the packages you sell.

Typical training scenarios for alternative fuel system installation would be if you’re a retail dealer installing alternative fuel systems for individual end users or a farm implement dealer who wants to be sure you have all the answers to help your farm customers install the Maxflow VRC on their fertilizer applicator.

Maxquip’s service people can also troubleshoot your existing system for maintenance, repair and overhaul.

Maxquip Flourish


Providing our dealers with the training they need is the central part of our dealer support formula. We want to help you apply Maxquip’s parts, kits and systems in the optimal way. Just as we’re providing solutions to you, we want to help you be the best solutions provider for your customers.

Talk to us: We’d be pleased to schedule a training session at one of our facilities or at your location. Training is provided either by a Maxquip specialist or the manufacturer’s representative.

Maxquip Flourish

After Sales & Maintenance

Giving our customers the sales and after-sales support they need is one of Maxquip’s core values.

We are solution providers, not order takers. You don’t need to know any part numbers when you call us. If you say a part is leaking, not working or looks worn out, we’ll diagnose the problem, identify the part or parts in question, size the replacement and provide advice on any other parts of your system that you might need to look at.

For new equipment, if you tell us what you’re trying to achieve, we’ll put together the entire package: specs, sizing and every component down to the last connector. We’ll provide you with installation support or install the system for you if required. If you’re planning an advanced or highly customized system, we’ll work with your engineer or the manufacturer’s engineering department to ensure expert design of the entire system so that each part is chosen and sized exactly right for the application.

After your parts are shipped, we’ll follow up with you to make sure everything is going well.


At Maxquip, we service everything we sell. Nothing goes out our doors that we don’t know how to service, maintain, repair or overhaul. It’s that simple.

The service process starts with telephone technical support to diagnose the issue. Then we’ll develop the solution. If needed, we’ll send a qualified troubleshooter/installer out to your field site – even if it’s a 12­-hour drive from our nearest location. Or you might send the part back to us. Sometimes we’ll work with a qualified third party, such as the manufacturer or other field service providers, for on-site diagnosis and repair/replacements.

Wherever possible, we provide you with options for repair vs. replacement that represent a range of cost and service-life solutions. We have in-house capability for field troubleshooting as well as repair/maintenance and major overhauls such as rebuilds of pumps.

We offer the manufacturer’s warranty on all components sold by Maxquip.

Maxquip Flourish

Purchasing & Inventory Control

We buy product from worldwide suppliers, mainly in the United States but also in Europe, Australia, China, Taiwan and Mexico. Maxquip’s long experience in dealing with international suppliers and managing its supply chain and logistics functions is a competitive advantage. It helps us continually replenish our in-stock inventories of parts and equipment, and it helps us source special-order items efficiently and get them delivered quickly.

Maxquip Flourish

Warehousing & Delivery

Logistics – supply chain management and efficient shipping – are key in our business. Everything about Maxquip’s approach to warehousing and delivery is designed to serve one purpose: getting your order out our doors fast.

If you order before 2 p.m., we’ll ship same-day. That’s our policy – and our commitment to you. Next-day delivery is available at most locations within Canada. If you prefer, we can choose lower-cost shipping options, particularly on large and/or heavy orders or shipments to remote sites.

Maxquip’s warehouses are set up in industrial areas with efficient access to freight companies. We have thought through every facet of logistics and supply chain management so that we can be the most efficient, time-wise and cost-wise.

At Maxquip, we know that for our customers, saving time equals saving money equals achieving success in their business.